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2023 Yoga Retreats


                      What's Included

What's Included in the cost
7 nights Lux Sea Side Lodging
Daily movement yoga sessions 
Transportation for Island excursions
All breakfasts 
3 Dinners
Beach trips

What's NOT Included


Airport transfer 

Shared $ 3,299   

Single  $4,299

Please note that "Shared" accommodation is not guaranteed. It depends on the number of attendant's. While it always seems to work out, the best way to guarantee a shared space is to invite a friend! I am happy to also help pair people with a roommate. 

SEPTEMBER 23- 30th 2022

7 days on the historic and largest of the Ionian Islands


   Mobilizing the Myth yoga retreat is a week long adventure exploring the incredible island of Kefalonia. Every morning we will gather cliffside to greet the day with a mobility based flow yoga style that Jenay has spent the past 20 years evolving into. The practice is for all experience levels with plenty of modifications.This particular retreat will explore the relationships that we have to our own personal beliefs systems and the personal mythology that we hold onto. We will look at how these thought patterns impact our daily decisions and relationships and wether they are in service to our growth or if they are holding us back.

    The week is carefully planned to explore all of the most popular sites all while being held in a relaxed and restorative tempo. Jenay will offer an itinerary upon arrival and every activity is optional. 

Traveling by yoga retreat is the way to go! All you must do is sign up, get yourself there, then the kick back and let go. All of the research of what to do and where to eat has been done. Reservations will be made, you can opt in or sit back on any day you please AND you feel amazing because of the daily yoga and morning workouts. You will leave the island with new friendships, adventures under your feet,  deep love for the journey an a restored balance to your mind, body and spirit. 

   Our oceanside accommodation includes a grand pool with sun deck, private beach, public beach, two restaurants and is walking distance to restaurants and shops. 


  Kefalonia is an enchanted island offering an exotic escape to sparkling blue waters and golden beaches, all surrounded by lush vegetation. With its own special kind of fir which grows nowhere else in the world, Kefalonia is a paradise for nature lovers, a place where wild horses roam the mountainside and sea turtles, dolphins and monk seal swim in the island waters – waters that are considered amongst the cleanest in the world. 

     Kefalonia is believed to be one of the first of places in Greece to be inhabited. Its rich forests provided materials for construction that have been found in ruins on islands are far as Create. Rich in ruins, temples and cemeteries dating back to the Preneolithic times, Kefelonia provides a historical backdrop for the immersion of inward exploration.

Mobilizing the Myth

How do I sign up? 
Fill out the form at the bottom of the page and send a non-refundable $1000 deposit to P.O. Box 10, Occidental, Ca 95465. Checks can be made out to Anjenaya. Please inquire for cash discounts 

Where do I fly in and out of? 

Kefalonia EFL, can be reached by several major European cities. You can find direct flights from London, Munich, Rome, Athens and more. There are no direct flights from the U.S., It might be cheaper to book two separate flights. Be sure to fly into EFL. Please note that the greek spelling for Kefalonia is Cephelonia. You can use your layover in one of these cities as an opportunity to explore that city for a few days or you will want to do your best to line up the layovers so you do not have to stay the night in a hotel. 

What if I want to share a room but don't have a friend to share with? 

Rooming always seems to work out. While it can be fun to travel with a friend, we will do our best to match you with a great roommate. If we do not have an even number of people and you do not have a roommate an additional cost may apply to stay as a single. 

How do payment plans work?

We will work with you to create a monthly payment plan that works best with your finances. Payment must be paid in full 6 weeks prior to the trip. 

What is the cancelation Policy? 

The $1000 deposit to secure your place on the trip is non-refundable. Any additional payment made will be refunded up to six weeks prior. Within six weeks of the trip only 50% percent of the trip cost (not including deposit) will be refunded. We highly recommend travel insurance to cover any cost. 

Registration for Greece

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